Online colour analysis – Bundle – HAIR


The results of the analysis will be sent to your email within 7 working days from the delivery of all necessary documents.

This bundle is only for people who know their color type!!

Upload at least 3 photos of yourself

  • with loose hair
  • close-up shot with head straight
  • you can wear make-up and any clothes.
View tips on how to take a good photo

Maximum 5 photos (max 20 MB per file)

Total: 74,00 



  • Please take the photo either in front of a window with good lighting or outside (not in direct sunlight). There should be no shadow in the photo.
  • Look directly into the camera
  • Do not use self-tanner
  • Smile in the photo so I can see your teeth.

You can attach a photo of yourself dressed according to your current style and taste. After receiving your photos and information, we will make sure we have everything for color analysis, if not, we will contact you for more information or other photos.

All photos and your personalized message will be deleted from our records after you receive your color analysis.


What you will receive after the analysis:

  • 3 visualizations of yourself in hair colors according to your color type
  • A mini e-book that contains basic information about your color type, several color combinations of clothes, what colors to avoid, what patterns to wear, several colors for make-up, hair color inspirations.