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Discover your best colors and let your natural beauty shine through!

People make impressions about you in the first 40 seconds of meeting you! Out of these first 40 seconds, 93% is what they see! The remaining 7% is what you manage to say in this short amount of time.

Are you ready to look good and feel great? Let me help you discover your best colors through color analysis.

Welcome to Koloristika. My name is Barbora and I’m a certified fashion and image consultant. I’m also a mom of twin teenagers, an e-shop owner, and color expert.

Throughout my life I was always fascinated by the effect of colors. Whether it be color psychology, why certain brands used certain colors, why do some women look better in golden blonde hair than in platinum blonde, why do certain colors I wear result in more compliments, etc.

This brought me to the point where I decided to study colors and the science behind this profound alchemy and provide individual color analysis services or koloristika.

My desire is to help you look and feel your best. Each of us is a unique individual that deserves a personalized and positive approach.  Whatever your age, lifestyle, position or occasion, koloristika can enhance your image and your dressing confidence to make the perfect impression every single day.

What is color analysis?

Color analysis is the process of determining the colors of clothes, hair, and make up that best suit your natural coloring and enhance your glow. At Koloristika, we use seasonal color analysis.

The main categories are Spring, Summer, Autumn, and Winter. These 4 seasons are then divided into 12 seasonal subgroups. Evidence shows that wearing your best colors can help improve your confidence and can also have an effect how you are perceived by others.

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Why should I get a color analysis?

A lot of people wonder what the benefits are from getting a color analysis done. What does knowing and wearing your best colors do for you?

1. Save time and money

When you actually know how to choose the colors to wear, then you’ll actually wear the clothes and make up you buy because you know what will suit you. No more random experiments and buying items to only find out that when you come home you realize that the items don’t look good.

2. Look younger and more beautiful

Wearing your correct colors will make you look healthier and vibrant. No more colors that wash you out, make your wrinkles more pronounced, make you look grey, or make your skin imperfections stand out with the wrong colors.

3. Get dressed quicker

You don’t have to think about which colors go together and you reduce the number of decisions you have to make. With a color analysis you receive your best light neutrals, best dark neutrals, and the best accent colors. Combining colors becomes faster and easier.

4. Look strong and confident

Just knowing you look good is a positive boost of confidence. Your confidence and positive then become infectious. When speaking to someone we usually look at other peoples faces. If you’re wearing the colors that suit you this is easier for the other person to look at your because you look harmonious. Wearing the wrong colors can add visual weight and diminish your face and make you look weaker. If a color is too strong for you then the person focuses on your clothes and not on you, which diminishes you as well. When you wear the correct colors YOU come forward, you look present, strong and powerful.

5. Look different from others

Wearing you correct colors enhances your beauty and provides you with a different look from others. Not everyone looks good in all black, with blonde hair, in the latest trendy color. When you wear your correct colors people see a healthy and vibrant YOU. Stand out by wearing the colors that complement you and not what everyone else is wearing.

6. Receive more compliments

Once you start wearing your best colors you will notice that people will start complimenting you more and they will be much more meaningful, which will boost your self esteem and your confidence.

7. Shopping is quicker and easier

Once you know your best colors, shopping becomes much more pleasant. You won’t buy cool shades when you know that warm shades look best on you. You won’t have to buy all black clothes just because its easier. You won’t have to go through all the clothes and wonder if something will look good. You’ll know your colors and simply find the colors that suit you and then choose from them. This will reduce the amount of decisions you have to make which will make shopping a lot less stressful.

8. People notice you before your clothes

Wearing your best colors enhances your natural beauty. People will notice you more than your clothes because you will be more harmonious.

9. Look slimmer

Wearing colors that are not in harmony with you can add weight in a couple of ways. Wearing a color that is too bright or too dark for you can take the attention from your face and make people look downwards,  and you can be perceived as looking shorter, larger or wider than you really are. Any color that is worn by your face is always the most important and wearing the best colors can bring more attention to your face than to your problematic parts.

10. One time investment

Getting a color analysis done is a one time investment for life. Your undertone doesn’t change and neither does your main season. The only thing that may change over time is your sub season. If you turn grey, we may have to soften your colors a bit so the colors work in harmony.

What your color analysis won’t do!

1. Make your get rid of all your clothes

It took years, energy and money to get your wardrobe to this point. I won’t tell you to throw everything away or donate it. Instead I will help you combine even your hard to wear colors with your correct colors.

2. Tell you , you can’t wear certain colors

Absolutely not. You can wear whatever color you want. This is your preference and your choice. I can only suggest what colors look best on you and suggest ways to wear certain colors with your best colors.

How does a color analysis work?

Here you can find a demonstration on YouTube. You can also go to our Color Analysis section to find our more information on color analysis and how the consultations work.

What is colour analysis