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Color analysis is the process of determining the colors of clothes, hair, and make up that best suit your natural coloring and enhance your glow. At Koloristika, we use seasonal color analysis. The main categories are Spring, Summer, Autumn, and Winter. These 4 seasons are then divided into 12 seasonal subgroups. Evidence shows that wearing your best colors can help improve your confidence and can also have an effect how you are perceived by others.

How does the process work?

  • The process works in person in our office in Martin, Slovakia. (Online color analysis sessions will be available in the future).
  • I start by discussing what brought you here, what you would like to discover, what your style is, and an overall introduction.  I also find out your natural eye color, hair color, and skin color.
  • Then you fill out a color psychology questionnaire that determines what season your personality is. Through this questionnaire I also get a glimpse of what your learning style is and what you prefer.
  • We then get to the fun part. First we figure out if cool or warm colors suit you more. This is done by using special color drapes and other props.

This table shows the difference between cool and warm colors:

After we’ve determined whether you are cool or warm we determine your best season.

  • If warm colors look best on you then you are either a Spring or an Autumn
  • If cool colors look best on you then you are either a Summer or a Winter

The main seasons and their colors are divided up according to this:

The last part of the process is determine which subgroup you belong in.

This is divided up into:

  • Warm / Cool
  • Light / Dark
  • Bright / Soft
From this I determine if you are:
  • Warm Spring
  • Light Spring
  • Bright Spring
  • Light Summer
  • Cool Summer
  • Soft Summer
  • Soft Autumn
  • Warm Autumn
  • Dark Autumn
  • Bright Winter
  • Cool Winter
  • Dark Winter

After I’ve determined your exact season I determine your best colors, your best make up colors, and your best hair color.

You receive a color palette that shows your best colors and I demonstrate how you can use this at home or when you go shopping.

You will also be emailed a pdf of your best colors so you can have it saved in your phone for whenever you need it digitally.